This little house is built!

It’s felt like we’ve been living in a hotel for the past few days. This house that’s been a dream for the past 17 months is now real, and it’s our home!

There are still a few little touch-ups to do, but it’s very liveable and we’re so so happy to be moved in.

 Favourite features..

1- The master bedroom curtains

2 – The pendant light in the stairwell

Over the next few months we have a project ahead of us with the landscaping and garden, but it’s so lovely to have such a beautiful, peaceful place to call home.


It’s move-in week!

Incredibly, our house is nearly complete.

Hours of work by many many people have gone into this little house and we’re so thankful, and so excited to be moving in!

Our new view (this one from an upstairs bedroom) will be nice and green, and even has some hills in the distance. Curtains and carpet are due to go in over the next few days and that will make the bedrooms finished! We’ve chosen linen curtains for this room in Hemptech’s Fantail Haze and are looking forward to seeing how they turn out. The carpet we have chosen is  Smartstrand Everyday Irresistable Glenorchy.

The plumbing is in now too, and we’re really pleased with the taps and the shower especially. It seems odd to be pleased with taps but a lot of thought went into them and they look great! Out the front the storm water and sewer connections are going in. As essential services and we’re very glad to have them. To the left of the landscape in the photo below is our beloved gully.

We are working on getting a slightly bigger deck, as we realise how tricky it may be to make the gully workable. We’re still keen to do planting and paths but a flat outdoor area for BBQs is a priority so we’re counting on a slightly larger deck to do the trick.

You will see a lot of clay in that soil, so we are also strategising on the best way to get some fruit trees, vege gardens and patches of lawn settled in too. (Call us crazy, but we’re planning to pack a lot in to our little space!)

It’s so exciting now!! Just a few days to go. ……. Better get packing!

Features and fit out

One of our favourite features of this home has started to go in this week and it’s looking great –  the bamboo bench tops in the kitchen. 


We’ve also got some flooring going down and the plumbing is hanging out in the lounge waiting to be installed soon. Also waiting in the lounge to be installed is the bamboo lampshade we decided on for the stairs. 

It’s a very well known New Zealand design, ‘Coral’ by David Trubridge and as well as looking great we are also hoping to have it hung so that it provides some extra privacy in front of the stairwell window. We had to assemble the lampshade ourselves which was a good project!

The vinyl we chose for the upstairs bathroom is looking really good too. There are a few things to fix up – like the bath hasn’t quite been put in correctly – and some other minor things to sort out but we’re getting there.


Apparently they could in theory finish the whole house in two days now! But it’s still a few weeks til we move in.. The final touches are feature lights, plumbing, drainage/soak pit, services connections, then carpet and appliances. 

The inside

It’s all happening now! This week the scaffolding came down for the big reveal.   

It was all a bit golden and beautiful when we took these photos. I love the driveway down to our house in the evening light too. It feels like a country lane.

But back to the house! It’s been gibbed, plastered and the first coats of paint have also gone on. Our kind builders have given us a key so we’ve been visiting regularly to see the progress. Here’s the lounge…


The very best thing of all about the scaffolding coming down is that we can now open the French doors! One day (hopefully soon) we’ll build a big deck out there, but just having them open and looking out into the trees was great! This photo is from the dining/kitchen area (only takeaways on offer at the moment but one day we’ll host grand dinner parties here!). You can see the pipes for where the bench and kitchen sink will go.


We’re so ready to move in now! And it’s not long til we can… Just one month to go.

The purple house saga

Well this week has been stressful. 

The paint going on to the exterior of our new home was a milestone we were definitely looking forward to! We had spent a long long time considering house colours, and had come up with what we thought was a great colour combo. Dulux Conway Flat, paired with New Denim Blue doors and crisp shades of white elsewhere. 

Such novices. 

Although our friends and family claim you can’t see it in the photos, there was no mistaking it when we walked down the drive. 

The purple glow beneath the grey…

Ok, it’s faint. But it was pretty alarming in person.

“Don’t worry!” We assured our soon-to-be-neighbours, “we’re fixing it!!”

After a lot deliberation in a short time, we decided on a new colour – Resene Double Surrender. Here’s a mid-repaint pic…

Looking much better on that top storey!

What a week. But it’s all working out ok. It definitely pays to be willing to quickly change your plans when something doesn’t look quite right. But we’re really hoping that’s our first and final drama of this little build. 

Fingers crossed…

Closing in…

We have windows! And we’re hoping our nearly closed-in house means we’re closing in on that elusive move in date.


We also dropped by this evening and found insulation too! It’s so quiet with the insulation, which hopefully translates to warm.

Once the the cladding was on, we had to finalise the electrics and the plumbing. It’s been a big debate where to put phone/internet points, whether to wire for sky tv (cable tv), and how many power points to put in. Even though we mostly watch shows online we decided to get the wiring put in for sky tv anyway, and we went with two internet points, plus the one in the data box. (Isn’t everything wireless now anyway!?). I’d be interested to know what others are doing in new builds in this fast changing modern world. We also didn’t get any USB plugs put in… It’s all a bit hard to predict! One thing we did do was go over budget on the power points, so hopefully we got that one right!

We’ve also been considering lighting, so we’ve got pendants in mind for the stairwell and over the kitchen bench, and a mirror light to find for the bathroom (so let me know if you know of any good ones).

Finally, the curtains and blinds … We’re considering making the curtains for the bedrooms ourselves… But that’s still for debate- this week’s job maybe!

Waiting on windows

We’re back from a brilliant summer holiday and things are slowly starting to get moving again on our little house. This week half the cladding is on, in eager anticipation of those windows arriving!

We can start to imagine the weatherboards now and have definitely decided on our exterior colour – Dulux Conway Flat. It was the colour we originally chose, but we had a momentary loss of confidence, so seven test pots of different shades of grey later… We’ve gone with our original choice.
2015/01/img_3779.jpgWe’ve been very fortunate to find a great deal on a fridge this month by purchasing one with a small dent in the side (where you won’t see it anyway once it’s in place). It’s exactly the fridge we wanted so that was a super lucky find!

Next we’re starting to think about some of the other interior fittings and are organising a heat pump, curtains and blinds and the electrical outlets. This is the part where things start to not be included in our fixed price contract, so we’re having to be disciplined and hope to discover some more great bargains!